What is more important to us?

All shipments are important, but shipments within the medical and pharmaceutical industry are especially vital. These shipments must be delivered on time and their condition during shipping must be handled with the utmost precision and care. In addition to treating each medical item as a fragile package, parcels must also be temperature controlled to avoid contamination.

We deliver with care.

Shipping medical and pharmaceutical goods is different than normal parcels. Because of this, we have special protocols in place specifically to serve the medical community. Our teams are trained in servicing the healthcare industry. They have gone through specific training in the healthcare industry.

We protect.

In addition to speed, keeping the shipment at a constant temperature is vital, too. Even the slightest temperature change can have catastrophic consequences. We have years of experience keeping our transport temperature-controlled so that your shipment will arrive exactly as it departed. We have multiple shipping options to accommodate goods needing any specific temperature.

You are important to us.

Medical and pharmaceutical shipments can be a matter of life or death, and we treat them as such. We know that not only must medical supplies be delivered to hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions safely and in one piece, but they must also arrive exactly on time. Rarely is there a margin for delays.

We deliver on time.

Whether you’re shipping investigational medicinal products, clinical supplies, or patient samples to hospitals, laboratories or research centers, you can trust that Rolo Transport will deliver your parcel exactly on time and in pristine condition.